Mistakes happen, no matter how hard we try. But there are some—we’ll call them “shifting mistakes”—that can cause more problems than others. Here are 10 common shifting mistakes, and how to avoid them!

1. Failing to plan ahead when shifting equipment or vehicles throughout the workplace. This often leads to accidents and lost time as employees scramble around looking for misplaced items while they’re on the job

2. Pulling cords from appliances that have not been unplugged yet

3. Moving a desk without first clearing it of all its contents

4. Forgetting to put on one’s shoes (or any other pieces of clothing) before getting on a ladder

5. Falling off a ladder while installing ceiling fans or A/C units

6. Attacking the wrong switch when re-wiring a home or office

7. Destroying or tearing down a piece of machinery that is still functioning properly, for example by pulling off protective covers and cables

8. Not being prepared for someone else who might be working in your area

9. Forgetting to check and adjust equipment prior to working on it, such as moving a window unit out of the way so it doesn’t get damaged while lifted in and out of a truck

10. Falling off a ladder while working on an electrical system Hopefully, these ideas would come in handy for you. For more ideas—and advice on how to avoid these mistakes—check out the website of a leading packers and movers Pune.