The Covid-19 eruption has wreaked havoc in our day-to-day lives and everything around us. At the crossroads, shifting homes even within a city is a matter of concern for everyone. Unless it is inevitable and vital at this juncture, moving to a new home shouldn’t be bucked up and deemed. It can become dangerous for anyone unexpectedly, so it is worthwhile for everyone to take all potential risks into it and can bypass the same. In any case, if shifting is to be done in this crisis, it is a must to exercise caution to bypass the transmission of the Coronavirus and one should adhere to the safety guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and take in charge all the precautionary measures during the shifting to bypass the spread of infection. Among the most important safety measures include washing your hands and maintaining social distancing with others, all the security measures have to be followed while shifting to a new house. Experienced packers and movers within the city will help you have a stress-free and safe shifting.

Here are a handful of home relocation tips and suggestions at the time of the Coronavirus pandemic. These tips and suggestions are defensive, however importantly ensure that all the vital steps are followed to ensure safety.

Move to a Safe Zone

Ensure the place you are looking to relocate is contained with the containment zone and it is also not too at the close range of the containment zone. Otherwise, there may be some potential health hazard associated with it and this will be a critical issue at the time of moving. Perform comprehensive research and turn up the area you are planning to move to is safe and of negligible risk. After evaluating the criticality of cases in the area, move to the relatively safe zone where the defensive measures are followed appropriately.

Go Digital

Before the eruption of Covid-19, it was common for packers and movers to take a tour of a house in person, but today things have changed drastically. To avoid the contraction of the disease, what most packers and movers do these days is take a virtual home survey through video calls and talk about the ballpark figure during this era of the pandemic. Steering clear of any physical contact with people and staying indoors matters monumentally to bypass the spread of the virus, so it is best to take a virtual tour of the place and try carrying out the paper works and other procedures in a digital form. You would choose to do meetings via phone/video calls and crystallize your doubts. Request your company to send the terms and conditions digitally and prefer to consider using the digital form of payment for all transactions. Moreover, talk about and be obvious about the annulment policy thoroughly prior to you book the packers and movers if you put off your shifting plan. Thankfully, as a result of innovative technology and professional packers and movers, your shifting process will appear simpler, safer, and more hassle-free.

Thorough Clean and Sterilize Thoroughly

Defensive steps and sanitization should be pulled off and followed the right way at both ends. Make sure that the new site you are looking to relocate is all the way cleaned and disinfected in addition to deep cleaning and sanitizing your existing place. It is always to clean and sanitize your home to ensure livable and secure surroundings; however, expert packers and movers typically come laced with their sanitization apparatus. You must factor in a few important and commonest areas in your house, for example, doorknobs, doors, handles, windows, furniture, kitchen utensils, slabs, lights, switches, etc.

Ensure to Maintain Social Distance for Staying Safe

Ensure to maintain a distance of 6 feet with the professional workers while they do packing, loading, and unloading things during the process of relocation. Remember to cleanse or disinfect your hands regularly; also, put on masks, gloves, and face shields all through the shifting process. In the meantime, it is very important to ask any elderly persons and children in a specific isolated room to bypass the risk of infection until the whole shifting process is out and out over. Keep your windows and doors open and ensure the home is properly ventilated all through the process. Do not forget to ask the professionals to follow the same, regularly all through the relocation process.

Hire Only Professional and Leading Packers and Movers

Be vigilant and make sure twice while you hire packers and movers services. Since the virulent virus can readily pass on from an infected person or an unhygienic surface, it is a levelheaded idea to pre-plan your shifting and learn about the readiness of the relocation services you hire. Feel free to ensure whether the packers and movers professionals are ready to undertake and follow each and every safety precaution properly like putting on protective face masks, gloves, boots, and disinfecting their tools before embarking on the shifting process. Getting clarification safety the hygiene from the end of movers and packers is of the essence before you get ready to hire them; after all, several restrictions have been laid down in lots of societies in the wake of this international pandemic. Also, feel free to ask how many professionals are heading to your campus. In general, only 3-4 individuals are granted permission instead of 6-7 individuals as allowed for relocation processes earlier.

Last of all; be sure to sanitize your new home before you start unpacking items. It is good to thoroughly clean and disinfect your furniture and other goods before making a move to the new place. Chuck out the entire packing stuff, cardboards and plastics with kid gloves at a site having no human contact, as clearly stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This is because the virus is virulent and contagious enough to remain active on cardboards and other surfaces for up to 24 hours and on plastic materials for practically 72 hours. To ensure safety, it is good to place the items on the balcony/terrace or on the open space intact for at least 3 days prior to handling it. Spray the sanitizer every square inch of the newly moved house prior to setting up your furniture and other decor items.

If you are in Patna, hiring practiced packers and movers Patna is a smart idea, as it helps you with pre-planning and move-in cleaning tasks would be advantageous, as it is a second-to-none time-saving option for a secure and well-organized shifting. Factoring in the current restrictions and safety guidelines defined in the eruption of Covid-19, it is important to follow the essential regulations issued by the government and act according to the guidelines set in your local areas’.

So what is the wait for? Choose the best packers and movers Patna for a secure and hassle-free shifting within or out of the city.