If you are considering a move, you’ll know that the thought of packing up and moving across town or state can be exciting and daunting at once. Moving is an experience that can range from highly productive to downright destructive depending on how much you plan ahead of time. From living room to living room, here’s what we think will help with your upcoming transition.

1. Set a moving date

Even if you don’t know exactly when you’re moving—or where you’re going—you’ll want to set your move date somewhere around two weeks out so you have time to organize and complete everything before you have to be out of a location.

2. Make a preliminary checklist of everything that needs to be done for the move

Consider what will need to happen, from emptying your cabinets and closets of dishes, clothes, papers and other belongings, as well as booking a moving truck, hiring movers and decorators, reserving boxes at the post office or buying them at the nearest store.

3. Start packing

Make a move-day checklist and begin making the move as soon as possible. You’ll want to organize closets, set up a paperless office, clean the house and then pack it.

4. Have a friend over to help you keep motivated

You’ll need to get enough work done each week in order to proceed efficiently toward your moving date, so make sure you save time for packing and organizing so that everything is ready when it’s needed.

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