It is rightly said “Man proposes, God disposes”. No matter how sincerely you have been creating plans for a thing, something unexpected on the big day crops up. Mother Nature is mostly unpredictable and can even ruin your best-planned move with irregular weather. However, there is nothing much to be worried about, as there are steps that you can take for a rainy day to knock off its effect on your moving day.

The handy strategies will work wonders for you by keeping your packed items for your home or office relocation safe and sound. The strategies will help you largely in moving your entire items safely to the new destination.

So let us take a look at the handy strategies to help you make your move perfect and safe very well:

 1. Have Knowledge of the Weather Report

Weather Report Relocation Patna Packers MoversThe first step you should take is to scope the weather report the days before making your move. While this is not liable to failure, making an early preparation for the move is an idea worth considering. Making your early preparation for your home or office move is significant. Your planning for the moving wardrobe depending on the season for which you are moving and tackle bad weather situations well.

2. Have Lots of Garbage Bags Readily Available

To provide your items with an extra level of protection whether it is clothes, books or other household items, using garbage bags is surely an idea worth considering. All you need to do is enclose the items in the bag and move, as you typically would, reuse the garbage bags if required. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can also create a hole on your garbage bags if you wish to put a bag over a stack of clothes on hangers.

Additionally, paper items and books can be hired away in plastic bags and subsequently packed in a bud vase. Smaller-sized items kept in a bag can also be provided with protection from the rain.

3. Ensure That Everyone Has Great Footwear

rainy season footwear packers and movers Patna

Moving on a rainy day is very risky and there is generally a risk of slipping and falling on watery or damp ground. At times, when the ground is not damp or watery and when you walk over it during the rainy season, there are enhanced odds of sliding around when you are carrying a bulky box and are unable to view your feet.

For that reason to put off slipping, ensure that you and your entire helpers put on shoes with rubber soles at the time of moving. Flip-flops and sandals are simply not elegant choices. If you have hiking shoes with a Gore-Tex sole, those are the right choice; sneakers are a secure bet too.

4. Cut the Distances Down

To cut back on the need to move through the rooms in a drenched house, move your entire boxes into one room, for example, the living room or even the garage.

Additionally, if you are planning to rent a moving truck, it is highly recommended to park it in proximity to the nearest possible building of your house. In this way, your items will not get drenched if you solely have to ferry them to a short distance in the rain. Moreover, the surface you park the truck on is steady. Damp grass will not be the right choice for your moving truck, as it cannot back up its weight and you might be in a fix. This is simply the ultimate thing you need to be alarmed about on a big move day.

The caveat to keep in mind significantly is to keep your items dry to the hilt. Therefore, as mentioned above, ensure to keep your moving truck as close to your house as possible. Also, do not forget to cover your furniture with moving pads and then artificial wrap, which can help the moving pads to be as dried as possible. What you need to do additionally for enhanced security is to ensure there are no leaks inside the moving truck and that rain cannot turn up at the rear of the truck when it is being loaded.

5. Maintain Your Floors and Avoid Slips

With a view to avoiding slipping, place sheets of cardboard in the entrance and also along the alleyway between the door and the truck.

Put old rugs, towels or study cardboard at the doorway of your home and other susceptible spots to ensure additional support while walking from room to room. Also, you will want to ensure that all your helpers stay safe; not only for their safety but also for the well-being of your entire valuable items they will be holding.

6. Use Mats to Maximize Benefits

Occasionally, your outdoor helpers maybe will turn up to take hold of something or help hold a bulky piece of furniture. Lay some abrasive and spongy mats on the floor in the front entrance. Keep an additional set on hand so that in case a mat becomes untidy early in the day; you can put it back with a new one. You can typically find low-cost and abrasive mats at the dollar store, and they are hardwearing enough for on one occasion moving use.

7. Assign a Top Priority to Items

If likely for you, try to move plastic storage bins and other fewer valuable items onto the truck primarily, as the rain might reduce speed or stop to the hilt by the time you need to place your breakable items onto the truck.

When it involves your electronics, you can either wait until the rain all the way stops to move your items, or ensure they are well covered in blankets and mats and away from water when transporting them.

8. Install an Assembly Line.

As a result of several helpers monitor rain and add mud to the house will make your floors slick and create plenty of crackdown work. You can cut down the mess by installing an assembly line. Get a handful of people stationed out by the moving truck to put items inside, and get others hand items out the door while remaining indoors as much as possible.

9. Team Up as An Assembly to Create an Assembly Line

To accelerate the process, assign everyone in the group a different role. Some of your family members can remain inside your home while others between the home and the truck. Also, you can place some items directly onto the truck. This will forbid one or two people running from side to side the overall distance, cutting down the amount of dirt and mud that will need to be cleaned up eventually.

10. Keep Towels Close by For a Quick Dry-Off Of Larger Items

Once you load furniture or boxes onto the truck, use a towel to wipe off any excess moisture to prevent leaks and preserve your items. These will also be of great helpfulness if someone in your group finds himself/herself drenched after adding items to the truck.

11. Take Away Items Upon Entrance

Ensure to unload right away, especially if the boxes have been squared off; the earlier the items can be removed, the better it is.

Glance through the stack of boxes. Throw out the ones you guess will not be used again, as keeping drenched cardboard could cause mold or mildew to develop. If you are looking to reuse the box, leave it on the covered entrance or patio to completely dry before setting it up.

India Packers and Movers Group
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